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Worms Magazine

Worms Magazine


Worms is a publisher and biannual literary style magazine that celebrates female and non-binary writer culture. Founded in 2019 by Clem Macleod, Worms Publishing works across form and genre to bring experimental writers to the literary topsoil. Working outside of conventional publishing, Worms endeavours to support and cultivate underrepresented voices with a focus on female and non-binary authors and artists.

Featuring: Calla Henkel, Jenny Zhang, Camille Roy, Dodie Bellamy, Estelle Hoy, Saidiya Hartman, Rhea Dillon, Savannah Knoop, Top Stories, Madelyne Beckles, Lauren Fournier, Joanna Walsh, Lynne Tillman.

Contributors: Zara Joan Miller, Haydee Touitou, Nicole Della Costa, Cecilia Pavon, Valentina Von Klencke, Feyi Adegbite, Alice Platti, Victoria Campa, Alice Butler, Clemmie Bache, Caitline McLoughlin, Jack Stuart Mills, Honor Weatherall, Arcadia Molinas, Aimee Ballinger, Wes Knowler, Eleanor Wang, Katy Dadacz, Olive Couri, Rachel Cattle, Isabelle Bucklow, Sarah Bodri, Hope Roafl, Maura Sappilo, Jodie Hill, Jacqueline Ennis Cole, Mary Watt, Delia Rainey.


140 pages
240 x 170 mm


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