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Rosie Carr

Toothpaste Worldwide

Using ‘tudorgaze’ tape loops sampled from medieval cassettes found in charity shops in Essex, euphoric waves of distortion gleaned from field recordings and homemade instruments, and improvised responses on harp and violin from musicians Emma Gatrill and Martha Rose respectively, ‘yew’ is an album composed of echoes of a garden - a reflection of a distinct period of 2 years spent in relative solitude collating sounds. It is a haunting and joyous sonic representation of interactions with the natural world passing through the fingers of a novice gardener.

Distorted live recorders and synths create sweeping hooks that pull you into the immersive world of yew; an inviting dimension of resonance and feedback, shifting submerged drum patterns and eruptions of bird song, dripping water and crumbling plant material.

Artist and gardener Rosie Carr made the album over two years whilst training in horticulture in the Essex countryside. She now lives in Ramsgate, UK and is conducting PhD research into creative ecology and world building in community gardens. Her debut album ‘yew’ is released on limited edition tape with independent label ‘toothpaste worldwide’.

Written and performed by Rosie Carr, harp by Emma Gatrill, violin by Martha Rose, produced and mixed by Rosie Carr and Johnny Goddard, mastered by Nicholas de Carlo, artwork by Holly Hunter.


Cassette with printed inside sleeve
Limited edition of 50


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