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we are opposite like that

we are opposite like that

Himali Singh Soin

Subcontinentment books

An almanac, a messy collection of missing paraphernalia from archives, false philosophies, unreliable observations from the ship, love letters, ekphrastic poems, astrological readings, made-up maps, theories, recipes and small resistances.

It has a beautiful canvas cover and screen-printed title. The spine is an outline of a receding glacier, the glitchy + denoting the error on a ship’s GPS.

Supported by India Foundation for the Arts.

Designed by Lekha Jandhyala.


Offset lithography print, canvas cover with a screen printed title, hand-sewn, includes a bookmark made of silver space blanket.

208 pages, hardback
230 mm x 120mm
Language: English with illustrations in Arabic, Hindi and alchemical signs.


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