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we are opposite like that (edition)

we are opposite like that (edition)

Himali Singh Soin


we are opposite like that is a series of five unique prints of interconnected fictional mythologies inspired by artist Himali Singh Soin's journeys to both polar circles: the Antarctic and the Arctic, in 2017. It fuses a variety of concerns: the ways we know what we do and the skewed hierarchy between reason and spirit, (post-)colonial attitudes and a looming climate crises. It also imagines the polar landscapes as projecting screens for alternate, otherworldly or non-linear futures. This archival set of editions is extracted from the historical component of the moving image work, in which ice forms a ghostly presence overlaying early observations and records of geological phenomena.


5 artworks, Giclée, Hahnemühle Bamboo.
Each an edition of 100 with 10 APs.
Please note price increases as edition runs out.
590 x 402 mm


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