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Sasha Delmage

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UPROOT is a comic by Glasgow based illustrator and visual artist Sasha Delmage. Working across drawing, textiles and painting, Sasha builds worlds from the strange atmospheres of the everyday. In Uproot, an elf hangs around their flat, going to the toilet, sitting on their laptop, inviting friends over to drink little glasses of wine on the sofa. All the while, a tiny flower blooms in the bathroom. The elf waters it every day, brings it food, reads books to it and draws its portrait with delicate shading. With the care and attention of the elf, the flower keeps growing and growing. At first its size is a novelty, a shady crop to sit under with a coffee or a snack. Until it starts to occupy every nook and cranny of the house.


32 pages, risograph printing, saddle stitched.
200 x 260 mm


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