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The Resting Acrobats

The Resting Acrobats

Mau Baiocco

Monitor Books

“From left to right the painting is a sentence with a clown dropped in the middle: will the child grow up to be the clown or the acrobat?”

An imaginative exercise in the elasticity of ekphrasis, The Resting Acrobats launches, bounces and leaps through lyric space. The poems are shifting and iridescent town squares created for the voices of those in injustice: fuel shortages, impoverished thirst, broken utopias – those who lack are given abundance in Mau Baiocco’s kaleidoscopic cosmogony of hope.

Mau Baiocco is a poet and translator from Caracas, Venezuela, currently residing in the UK. They are a staff editor at SPAM Press. The Resting Acrobats is their debut pamphlet.

Designed by Joe Haigh / Chaosmos Studios.


29 pages, saddle-stitched w/ french-flaps
136 x 214mm

ISBN: 9781803522746


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