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TEK FOK Tape & Comic

TEK FOK Tape & Comic

Plastique Fantastique

Thanet Tape Centre

Bundle includes an A4 full colour comic and Cassette tape for TEK FOK. 

Track List:

Welcome, meme-tek animals. (This is the story of how we are all here.)

Stories spread just like a virus. (The story of copy and repeat.)

Twa Drones. (The story of two Amazon drones, two sisters, both of whom loved the engineer’s son, but the engineer loved the smaller drone, so the larger drone collided with the smaller drone, crashed them in a river to drown.)

There’s a Man in the Earth. (The story of the body down there.)

Traitor. (This is the story of the upside-down, wrong way round, invert meme.)

Chaos to Order. (This is a story about something we all have. Not the nose on your face, not shoes on your feet, not a cock in your pocket. This is a story about the machine in your pocket, bag, backpack. This is a story of the machine that brings chaos to order – death to the fascist humanoid!)

Happy Birthday Dog. (The story of birthday dog and the round, sweet biscuit-thing – the serving of the cake.)

How are all you hashtag meme-animals today? (The story of how we are all is just like you hashtag meme-animals.)

TEK FOK launched at Forma on 11 May 2024. 

Plastique Fantastique is the name of a performance fiction exploring aesthetics, the sacred, popular and mass culture and cosmopolitics through films, soundworks, comicsperformancestexts, installations and assemblagesTEK FOK is a collaboration between David Burrows, Alex Marzeta, Vanessa Page, Benedict Drew, Ana Benlloch, Tom Clark, Arianne Churchman and Simon O'Sullivan.


A4 full colour comic and cassette tape


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