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Take me to That Landscape

Take me to That Landscape

Hanna Mattes

Living Stone Publishing

With images and poems by Hanna Mattes and including essays by Irmgard Emmelhainz and David Rothenberg that shed a light on two specific aspects of Take Me to That Landscape: the aquatic and the erotic.

David Rothenberg’s Undersound, describes his obsession with the tiniest of underwater sounds that finally brings him to the meaning of life. Polyamorous Love Songs and Sexuality in the Pluriverse, by Irmgard Emmelhainz, weaves Hanna’s poetry into the historic context of sexuality, eroticism and queer art since the 1960’s.

The featured photographic series Aquatic Antipode (Hanna Mattes, 2022), was made at the same time as the musical collaboration. It picks up on the sentiment of being far away from each other with no means of connecting in the real world. Every image is a collage of at least two different negatives of which one was always taken in a different country and sometimes continent than the other. The depicted swamps, ponds, oceans and aquatic zoo life collide mimicking a mirroring effect that doesn’t add up.


80 pages, softcover, open back

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