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STASH (haphazardly collected miscellaneous things)

STASH (haphazardly collected miscellaneous things)

Ashley Kinnard

There’s no specific classification or category for the myriad of things Ashley Kinnard haphazardly collected and stashed away. Together, they may not fit the dictionary’s definition of a collection; perhaps it’s merely an assortment of things brought together. Gathered since she was 18, these items were found, bought, gifted, salvaged, and pilfered from various places — always seeking treasures that spark inspiration. Their worth lies not in monetary value but in the thoughts they provoke, materiality, and emotional resonance; this is the criteria that bind these things together.


4 different covers screen printed using metallic emerald ink (25 of each cover) / CMYK throughout

54 pages softcover
210 x 280mm

Edition of 100
January 2024

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