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Site Report

Site Report

Ed. Marta Michalowska

Theatrum Mundi

Site Report is a collection of poetry in prose, verse and screenplay, where windows are a lot more than panes of glass, tables have minds of their own and sinks are conduits that connect to the wider world beyond the home. It is not a book about the domestic: it is the domestic reimagined. Written through the architecture of the home and together with all its elements, it is an invitation into the worlds of windows, tables and sinks that should never be reduced to their mere objecthood.

Developed and written during Rhona Warwick Paterson’s fellowship at Theatrum Mundi (2020-22), Site Report is an imaginative re-worlding of domestic space that destabilises the most intimate and familiar of spaces, proposing a pulsating landscape with uncontained possibility. 


88 pages, full colour paperback
ISBN: 9781916186484


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