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Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin

Trolley Books

'Ghetto' was published by Trolley Books ten years ago. It documented twelve contemporary gated communities, and was photographed by Adam Broomberg & Oliver Chanarin entirely on large format colour negative. The book took three years to produce and is now out of print.

Scarti di avviamento is the technical term at the printers in Italy for the paper that is fed through the printing press to clean the drums of ink between print runs. This by-product is usually destroyed once the book is printed.

But during the printing of Ghetto, the scarti – Italian for scraps – were saved and stored away by publisher Gigi Giannuzzi. Following his untimely death in December 2012 these scarti were discovered.

The twice-printed sheets reveal uncanny and often beautiful combinations.

Yet, in truth, they are nothing but a series of little accidents.

The 'Scarti of the Scarti' are new artworks from the printing of the new book 'Scarti.' This time the images in the book were printed on top of an Italian furniture catalogue, which the artists then cut up and selected. In doing so, the work shows the possibility of potential infinite repetition of accidental yet uncanny imagery.


64 pages
210 x 247 mm


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