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Rebecca Close


Réplica means copy, aftershock and an official reply or revision to the law. These replies are psychedelic, satirical, sober, radical, post-internet, reformist, ancient, historical, human, animal and everyday. An experimental animation film accessible through the collection provides context: a family based across continents critiques and moves beyond borders, mad bureaucracy and precarious work in a sci-fi heist plot addressing the global fertility market in relation to the migratory control system. This collection of poems considers the commons as a series of familial connections that must be continually maintained and renewed: the commons as it is called into being. This reproduction satisfies the pressures placed on it only to a certain extent and so something more than capitalism is already here.

Rebecca Close writes expansively through poetry, ceramics & creative coding. Their first collection valid, virtual, vegetable reality (2018) won the Melita Hume Prize in London. They are one half of artist duo Criticaldías, whose work has been performed and exhibited widely, including at Tate Liverpool, Serpentine Museum and MACBA, and whose videos are in Spain’s HAMACA collection.


17 pages
150 x 210 mm


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