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Queer Diasporic Futurity

Queer Diasporic Futurity

Flatness & not/nowhere

Queer Diasporic Futurity proposes that a sense of futurity (entangled with the past and the present, inextricably linked with praxes of sustainability, visibility, and pleasure), is a condition of participation by many QTIBPOC (Queer, Trans and Intersex identified Black and People of Colour) in the arts and beyond. The project underlines the importance of self-care, creativity and interdependence within wider activist contexts in challenging social and environmental injustice.

Queer Diasporic Futurity, commissioned by SAFEDI and developed in partnership with not/nowhere artist workers’ co-operative, marks 9 years of the Flatness curatorial platform for artists’ moving image and network culture, bearing witness to the decentralised QTIBPOC networks it has come to form a part of.

The book contains a collective call to restore loving connections to the body and to nature. QDF reflects on how this kind of holistic sharing of skills and resources can create a redistribution of power and strengthen cooperation amongst Black and Brown folk in times of instability and precarity towards a fairer, more equitable economy.

Contributions to QDF include:

- A foreword by Evan Ifekoya;
- An introduction by Flatness founder, Shama Khanna;
- Two reflections on Earthlove within urban settings and facilitating the Community Apothecary by Rasheeqa Ahmad;
- An in-depth discussion on ‘Queering Economics’ organised by Decolonising Economics with guests Evan Ifekoya, Amardeep Singh Dhillon and June Bellebono addressing queer infrastructures of care, redistribution of power and spiritual relationships to money;
- A divination essay by Daniella Valz Gen probing questions of sustainability and growth within practice;
- A response to the entangled temporality of diasporic life by Aditi Jaganathan;
- A wellbeing spell by Adam Farah including an image portal, homegrown supplements and a queer praxis companion;
- A scorebook tenderly exploring introverted tomboy and transmasc sounds by Nat Lall.


76 pages
240 x 170 mm
ISBN: 9781913309183


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