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Psycho Geology

Psycho Geology

Elliot Fox

Foolscap Editions

PSYCHO GEOLOGY, explores a fictional sequence of events based on certain socio-economical, geological and cultural elements that have made west Cornwall the place that it is. This publication supports Fox's latest body of work presenting a science fictional depiction of the past, one that references the colloquial approach to archiving areas of Neolithic Heritage; west Cornwall’s unique geological makeup and its sprawling industrial scars. A fictional story centres around Cornwall's unusually high levels of radon gas, and how this scientific anomaly acts as a catalyst for new and unusual behaviours. In Neolithic times this resulted in stone circles and the embryonic cultivation of rituals that have since developed into folklore, while in the Post-industrial era it led to the birth of surf culture, which can be seen as Cornish futurism in reality.


80 pages, 2 colour offset with 2 colour riso; unfolds to 314 x 450 mm poster with custom sleeve and insert.
225 x 320 mm
ISBN: 9781999799090
Edition of 250


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