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precious beauty therapy

precious beauty therapy

Emma Louise Rixhon

"precious beauty therapy is a riso-printed collection of daily notes from my phone exploring the experience of going through pbt, proton beam therapy, illustrated by photographs I took in hospital.

the photographs are the royal blue that I would see behind closed eyes during pbt sessions. the blue flashing lights are a way of the brain communicating this unique experience, and not a visual one.

100% of the profits of the book are being split between macmillan and trekstock.

writing after treatment was a ritualising of having to go to hospital every day for six weeks. turning it into a creative project was both a way of processing this time for myself and to give back to organisations who provide invaluable holistic care to cancer and brain tumour patients."


48 pages, 2 colour, singer sewn, soft cover
140 x 200 mm
Printed by pagemasters

Edition of 200

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