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Mine Searching Yours

Mine Searching Yours

Various Contributors

Published by Forma

Mine Searching Yours is a collaborative publishing project by 15 international artists and writers. Commissioned by Forma during the 2020 global lockdown, the project takes inspiration from the rich history of Mail Art and hybrid publishing projects. It invites artists to connect and correspond with their peers during a time of uncertainty, when we all collectively face the challenges of enforced separation and isolation brought upon us by the Covid-19 crisis and the wider social and political context of 2020.

In the spirit of Mail Art, Forma and the participating artists are posting the first 300 editions of Mine Searching Yours as gifts to peers, loved ones and foes across the world. The remaining 200 editions are available for sale on Forma’s website and through selected bookshops.

With contributions from Gery Georgieva and Kasia Wozniak, Alice Hattrick and Julia Crabtree & William Evans, Hilary Lloyd and Chris McCormack, Himali Singh Soin and Lekha Jandhyala, Erica Baum and Idra Novey, Molly Palmer and Rebecca Jagoe, Erica Scourti and Caspar Heinemann.

Mine Searching Yours is a collaborative artist project published by Forma, edited by Leila Hasham and Chris Rawcliffe and designed by Studio Mathias Clottu. All rights reserved, 2020.


Various printed matter projects of different size and paper stock, presented in a sealed stamped envelope.
Edition of 500
325 x 230 mm
Language: English
ISBN 9781838246204


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