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M Lissoni

 Martyrology is a five year long research project tracing parallels between Renaissance Catholic paintings of martyrdom and scenes from Western horror cinema, questioning iconography and body politics. From the performative rituals of tradition all the way to contemporary gender theory, queer narratives of desire and trans politics. 

Three chapters – Body / Politics / Eroticism – drawing from de-structured academic research exploring ritualistic violence as performance, the semiotics of female martyrdom and male bodies between pain and pleasure.

Five printed artefacts collected inside a custom designed screen printed folder:

Body [Pamphlet I]
Politics [Pamphlet II]
Eroticism [Pamphlet III]
Notes on the First Edition [Catalogue of artworks]
Limited Edition Poster [Lithographic print on metallic paper, 8 existing versions]

Research, text, artworks by M Lissoni. Text edited in collaboration with Chiara Petru. Typeface Signifier designed by Kris Sowersby, Klim Type Foundry.

Special Thanks to Milka Pogliani


Printed with the support of Scott House, Tony Yard and Rahel Zoller at University of the Arts London, London College of Communication. Folder printed by Dot Studio.


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