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Magnified Ear 放大耳

Magnified Ear 放大耳

Ed. Curating Matters

A.P.T Gallery

Curating matters is a curatorial collective founded by Yang Li and Jingwen Weng in 2021, our most recent exhibition Magnified Ear, was held at A.P.T Gallery from1-18 June. This exhibit delves into the nature of architectural rhythm through the sound dialogues that emerge from architecture and its spaces. In conjunction with the exhibition, a unique catalogue Magnified Ear has been edited by curating matters, designed by In Good Company Intl, and published by A.P.T Gallery, serving as an experimental sonic archive including a 12 inch vinyl LP and a 90-page booklet.

The vinyl LP features 9 tracks, each showcasing artists who contributed their raw sound materials during their artistic practices, and were later remixed and mastered by Isaac Maxwell, incorporating his field recordings from Deptford. The LP captures the essence of preserving sonic archives, highlighting their lasting impact beyond their fleeting existence, and each track presents its own aesthetic, offering diverse interpretations related to the artwork. Accompanying the LP, the booklet can be viewed as its lyric book, comprising sketches, poems, works in progress, and essays from all participating artists.
LP remixed and mastered by Isaac Maxwell
Catalogue designed by In Good Company


ISBN: 9781739731731


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