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I Felt That

I Felt That

Ache Magazine

The works in I Felt That interrogate one of the most fundamental experiences of womanhood: pain. The book focuses on thinking and expressing pain, and collective acts of caring, specifically from the point of view of women.

Edited by: Kirstie Millar
Curated by: Joséphine-May Bailey


Shir Cohen, J Williamson, Ruth Batham, Jennifer Nieuwland, Louise Benton, Lavinia Harrington, Chloe L-S-H, Lucienne O'Mara, Lucy Cade, Mhairi Bell-Moodie, Zayn Qahtani, Polina Pak, Qingqing Liu.


Jennifer Brough, Pema Monaghan, Holly Fitzgerald, Rochelle Roberts, Joséphine-May Bailey, Kirstie Millar.

Cover art: 'Sacrifice', 2022 by Jennifer Nieuwland.

Published: March 10. 2023.


107 pages
210 x 148 mm
Language: English
Published: 10 March 2023

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