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CUSP - Feminist Writing on Bodies, Myth & Magic

CUSP - Feminist Writing on Bodies, Myth & Magic

Ache Magazine

Cusp is a book of feminist stories, essays and poetry exploring bodies, myth and magic.

Ache asked writers to create work that explores the ways in which illness and pain cause estrangement from one’s own body. Through this collection of essays and speculative fiction, Cusp articulates the experiences of transformation, shape-shifting, and border-crossing that are inherent in illness. Drawing on myth, magic, the absurd and the surreal, these writings slip beyond the real in order to communicate what it’s like to live within a body that does not conform to normative standards.


Sharlene Teo, Memoona Zahid, Emma Glass, Elizabeth Kim, Kirstie Millar, Rochelle Roberts, Sarah Fletcher, Rebecca Tamás, Alice Tarbuck, Ellie Slee, Rosalind Reynolds-Grey, Amanda Holiday, Rose Higham-Stainton, Jane Hartshorn, Camilla Grudova

Cover art by Nell Brookfield

Edited by Ache: Jane Hartshorn, Katrina Millar, Rosalind Reynolds-Grey and Kirstie Millar

Released Jan 31 2021


107 pages
198 x 130 mm
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-5272-8170-7
Published: 2021

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