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Contemporary Hyloshapes

Contemporary Hyloshapes

Pau Geis


Contemporary Hyloshapes establishes a relationship between contemporary sculpture (produced over the last 25 years) and typography, as an exercise of translating visual language from a medium to another, between scales, collaborators and methodologies. 

The project initiates in February 2020 with a collection of 205 sculptural works by 34 artists from Europe, Asia and America. Among almost 500 sculptures, a final selection of artworks was made, and through the abstraction of the outline of these artworks, a series of characters (or sculptural language) from A to Z was developed. By speculating and overlaying these shapes, almost as an attempt to merge processes and ways of doing from sculpture, architecture and visual communication, very particular icons emerged, which are subtly recognizable to the human eye in some occasions.

The aspect of those early sculptural works had become the content and raison d’être of these later works,a thought peculiar to Aristotle’s hylemorphism, in which he placed materiality as an essential feature of existence.


170 x 220 mm
Stitched Bound with Unfoldable Dust Jacket
304 pages


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