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Dear Aisha, Vol. 1

Dear Aisha, Vol. 1

Daniel Bejar

Ligature Press

Dear Aisha, Vol. 1 continues artist Daniel Bejar’s exploration of identity theft as experimental form. The book collects months of real emails Bejar exchanged with a scammer who wrote him posing as the millionaire daughter of late Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Revisiting his own impersonation of Gaddafi's wayward son (Operation Guest, 2014), Bejar draws his counterfeit sister into a bizarre, collaborative work of autofiction.

Through considered design, Bejar’s reflections on disguise and belonging unfold not just through narrative but by a material melodrama of high and low—bespoke typography, spam ads, malapropisms—that renders a wry portrait of our age of digital fakery and self-reinvention.


164 pages, 27 images
180 x 108 mm


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