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Bring Me To Heal (Poster Series)

Bring Me To Heal (Poster Series)

Amartey Golding

Published by Forma

This poster series is based on Amartey Golding's film commission Bring Me To Heal, which combines filmmaking, photography and a handcrafted garment to highlight generational trauma in Britain. The title is a plea to acknowledge the importance of understanding our shared emotional past and offer collective rituals of healing. The video still depicts a key scene in the work, at which the protagonist is put to the test.

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Amartey Golding often turns to his Anglo-Scottish and Ghanaian ancestry by way of a Rastafarian upbringing as a point of departure to explore the drivers of human behaviour. Through film, photography and an increasingly labour-intensive process of sculpture, he creates dreamlike spaces, steeped in historical reference in which to locate characters experiencing moments of immutable change – points of no return that often leave the future hanging in the balance.

Design by Studio Ard


4 designs,

420 x 594 mm (A2)


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