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Interior Realms

Interior Realms

Ed. Marta Michalowska & Andrea Cetrulo

Theatrum Mundi

A domain of reflection, a zone of imagination, a sphere of cosmic reverie, a field of observation, an empire of fleeting thoughts, a territory of contemplation, a province of desires, an orbit of fantasy. Sixteen new pieces of writing – essays, poems, prose poems, short stories – two interviews taking you to the kitchen table, spare bedroom, home office, home studio, garage, shed, bedroom, bathroom, garden, closet and, on one occasion, car productions. 

 The book is accompanied by an audio compilation including ten homemade tracks that reflect the ways in which architectural spaces shape music production and how that music, in turn, transforms architecture’s atmospheric qualities.


180 pages, full colour paperback
148 × 210 mm
ISBN: 9781916186439


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