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Fer Boyd


Inside these pages a carousel of characters frot at the magnitude of the minutiae. A cabal of boozing jesters in a piss-soaked pub garden wonder if mystery will ever become trendy again; a pack of thirsty butterflies stake out a writer’s apartment during a red dust storm and discover the limits of optimism; and an uncooperative chorus of organs discuss how to handle the snaking ouroboros of denial and prediction faced by unwilling humans. Through never-ending conversations fuelled by pulsating objects and tragic comedy, Frot the World seeks out the turning points of our present world, holding them up to the light for questioning. In this hectically current collection of fiction, our heads are dunked in and out of places and bodies, getting us high off choosing to stay alive.

Cover: Paula Turmina, "Sun Worshippers", 2021 (detail)

Fer Boyd’s bodily theories and ecstatic narratives manifest in sound, performance and text. They have been published by Extra Extra, Afterall, Liverpool Biennial and Whitechapel Gallery, and in 2018 they won the Prix International for Creative Critical Thinking awarded by the Foundation Prince Pierre de Monaco for ‘Skinned’ and ‘Detouched’ a pair of books with Alice Channer published by Eastside Projects and Motto Books.


130 pages
150 x 210 mm


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